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    Rules of the Website


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    Rules of the Website

    Post by 8370R on Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:52 pm

    Hello and welcome to AMP UnderGround.

    You're probably reading this topic because you're just browsing the Forum or I told you to look at this Topic.

    This Website has ZERO tolerance for the following:

    - Disrespect for Modders
    - Disrespect towards an individual or the community as a whole
    - Leaking of WIP or Privately Released Mods or Maps
    - Immaturity
    - Arguing
    - And many more things

    Any Mod or Map posted on AMP UnderGround MUST be within these standards:

    - Error free Log File
    - Low i3d File Size
    - Working Textures
    - Working Crops
    - Working Animals (If there are any)
    - All features of the Mod or Map MUST work to 100%. (Mods or Maps with an unsolve-able Error is acceptable.)
    - Proper XML Files (Descriptions, Paragraph Briefings, Input Bindings, etc.)
    - Working LUA Files
    - Folders and other Files MUST be in a clean and orderly manner
    - Scenegraph MUST be clean: Proper Transform Groups with Parents and Children in their proper places, etc.)
    - Proper grammar and punctuation (Will allow some exceptions)

    This Website is for the very few American Modders left in the American Farming Simulator Community.

    The following is a form of unacceptable behavior:

    - Being childish. Example being the "Rest" of the American Farming Simulator Community
    - Pestering Modders
    - Destructive criticism
    - Back talk to modders, Administrators, Moderators, or anybody else in the AMP UnderGround Community

    Disclaimer: AMP UnderGround is not responsible for any damage done to your computer, or your game from a downloaded Mod or Map. AMP UnderGround is solely here to host the Creator's Modification to Farming Simulator.

    Note: Any decision made by me, (8370R) is FINAL. No exceptions.

    This Website is meant for the MATURE and RESPONSIBLE people of the American Farming Simulator community. We don't want your arrogance. Take it somewheres else!!!

    If anything stated above is not followed through (Mostly aiming towards the unacceptable behavior part) you will get a vacation from the Forum. Could be permanent of it could be temporary. All depends on what happened.

    Rules & Regulations are subject to change at any time without notice.

    Thanks for reading! Smile


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